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Features and updates on local athletics from clubs to high schools to youth programs.

“RP Day” includes first CX race in city park

Both "RP Day" and The Western Pennsylvania Cyclocross Series kick off with a bicycle race this Saturday, September 8 in Riverview Park. By Ashlee Green The Western Pennsylvania Cyclocross Series is still in its infancy, but...

Manchester Jaguars 2017 Schedule

After 50 years without a team the Manchester neighborhood's youth program's first season is underway.   Week 1: August 13 Manchester Jaguars vs. Pittsburgh Kings Results: Termites (ages 9 to 10) ...

Blackcraft Wrestling hosts sold-out event in Northside’s Grand Hall

Blackcraft Wrestling hosted their first pay-per-view event in Pittsburgh at the Priory Grand Hall on Friday, August 24. Photos by Lauren Stauffer Blackcraft Wrestling's sold-out event, "Burning Bridges," was live streamed from the Priory Grand Hall...

Varsity Football and Volleyball Season ends for Commodores

The Northside Sports Section Presented by Wayne F. Alling Insurance Agency Photos by Lauren Stauffer COMMODORES VARSITY FOOTBALL SCHEDULE 2018 SCHEDULE Perry Traditional Academy's Commodores games are played at George K. Cupples Stadium, 10 E Carson St. Pittsburgh,...

Free basketball camp educates youth on team work, conflict resolution

By Chloe Burkart and Ashlee Green The eighth annual free basketball camp hosted by P.R.O.M.I.S.E. (Protecting and Restoring the Order of Mankind with the Initiative of Serving Elders) will take place from July 25 to...

The Northside Chronicle Channel: Wayne Alling

In association with PCTV21, The Northside Chronicle Channel is a YouTube series highlighting local small businesses, nonprofits and personalities on the Northside. In this episode, Northside Chronicle Managing Editor, Ashlee Green talks with Wayne Alling, resident...

Youth football is back in Manchester after 50-year absence

After five decades without a youth football program, the Manchester Jaguars are back offering Manchester residents a positive influence for their children By: Christopher Ward It’s not all about wins and losses for the Manchester Jaguars...

Pirates fans remain positive despite Home Opener loss

Pirates fans, don’t give up hope: There are about 158 more games to play in the 2019 season. By Ed Skirtich Photo by Clifton Loosier There was no joy for the Pittsburgh Pirates on April 3 in...

Manchester Little League team wins two championships

After a close to 10 year hiatus, the Manchester Tigers Little League team is back in action. They played in two leagues this year and won both championships. Manchester’s Little League team, the Manchester Tigers,...

Annual Draft Party brings Steeler Nation together at Heinz Field

Every year, Steeler Nation comes together for the Annual Draft Party to celebrate their favorite football team. By Ed Skirtich Photo courtesy of the Pittsburgh Steelers Steeler Nation celebrated with music and inspiration at the annual Draft...