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Features and updates on local athletics from clubs to high schools to youth programs.

Perry High School Varsity Teams Begin Their Season

The Northside Sports Section Presented by Wayne F. Alling Insurance Agency Photos by Lauren Stauffer COMMODORES VARSITY FOOTBALL SCHEDULE 2018 SCHEDULE Perry Traditional Academy's Commodores games are played at George K. Cupples Stadium, 10 E Carson St. Pittsburgh,...

“RP Day” includes first CX race in city park

Both "RP Day" and The Western Pennsylvania Cyclocross Series kick off with a bicycle race this Saturday, September 8 in Riverview Park. By Ashlee Green The Western Pennsylvania Cyclocross Series is still in its infancy, but...

Blackcraft Wrestling hosts sold-out event in Northside’s Grand Hall

Blackcraft Wrestling hosted their first pay-per-view event in Pittsburgh at the Priory Grand Hall on Friday, August 24. Photos by Lauren Stauffer Blackcraft Wrestling's sold-out event, "Burning Bridges," was live streamed from the Priory Grand Hall...

The Northside Chronicle Channel: Wayne Alling

In association with PCTV21, The Northside Chronicle Channel is a YouTube series highlighting local small businesses, nonprofits and personalities on the Northside. In this episode, Northside Chronicle Managing Editor, Ashlee Green talks with Wayne Alling, resident...

Youth find confidence through boxing

By Ashlee Green Photos by Clifton Loosier It’s 6:30 p.m. on a Monday night and the city is winding down as workers head home for the day. But for Eric Quarles, 20, of Manchester, and Justin...

Free basketball camp educates youth on team work, conflict resolution

By Chloe Burkart and Ashlee Green The eighth annual free basketball camp hosted by P.R.O.M.I.S.E. (Protecting and Restoring the Order of Mankind with the Initiative of Serving Elders) will take place from July 25 to...

Family first: Former Northsiders bring boxing and family values to North Hills gym

Amidst a rough childhood, Josh and Jessee Mook found solace through boxing and are now helping their adopted father pay it forward at North Hills boxing gym. By: Tyler Polk Jack Mook, 48, a boxing coach,...

Steel City Boxing fights for community, for Northside

The Spring Hill gym will pit its best boxers against the rest of the Greater Pittsburgh area in September 29 event: 'Northside vs. The Outside III' By: Charles Davis A boxing gym is judged by the...

Perry falls to Westinghouse 38-0

The Westinghouse Bulldogs hand the Commodores first loss of 2017 football season this past Friday night. By: Chris Ward In Week 1, Perry defeated Carrick 49-0. On Thursday night, the Commodores were on the other side...

Propel Northside has new mascot, new athletic program

Built from student initiatives 2017-2018 season marks first athletic program at Propel Northside By: Neil Strebig Starting this year Northside Propel will be implementing a new athletics program for their students. Boys and girls grades 6...