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Wednesday, September 18, 2019


My holiday traditions: Manchester Academic Charter School 6th graders

The Northside Chronicle has paired with Manchester Academic Charter School to feature the works of students in grades 6-8. This month, seven sixth graders will...

Chicago businessman to bring 25 to 100 jobs to Manchester

Things keep looking up for Manchester. After a successful house sale last fall and the groundbreaking ceremony for a new housing development in January, community...

Manchester residents get chance to become TV stars

Members of Public Allies present their plans for a Manchester TV show created by and featuring Manchester residents at a meeting on March 19....

Columbus Square Associates break ground on new Manchester development

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Public Allies chooses Manchester for service project

At least one lucky Manchester non-profit will get 10 volunteers this spring. Members of Public Allies, a national AmeriCorps-affiliated service program, has picked the Northside...

Manchester hopes to sell 40 houses in 2-day sale

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Manchester Citizens Corporation may break ground on 31-house development project this fall

The 4.3 acre plot between Juniata Street, Sedgwick Street and Columbus Avenue the Manchester Citizens Corporation purchased almost five years ago is finally ready for development -- almost. Jerome Jackson, associate director of MCC, said that he hoped they'd get the final green light on the 31-house development project by this fall, and that they’d begin construction next spring.

Manchester students record oral histories of Northside residents

It’s easy to forget about the Northside's long, storied history with all the layers of change over the past century, but a group of eighth-grade students from the Manchester Academic Charter School have helped keep that history alive and in the present by giving it a voice. Their project "Allegheny Voices," a small magazine and accompanying CD filled with interviews the students conducted with 11 elders who grew up on the Northside and lived through many of its transformations.