Career fair gives teens a chance to explore different paths


Photo by Douglas McGlynn

Central Northside’s Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh hosted the first “Life After High School” career fair for teenagers Saturday, Oct. 4.

By Douglas McGlynn

Central Northside’s Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh hosted a career fair for teenagers as part of its new “Life After High School” program Saturday, Oct. 4 .

The fair boasted a large roster of companies and businesses with a wide array of career paths for the teens to explore.

“The goal of the program is to open kids minds to other possibilities instead of part-time, minimum wage jobs,” said Lynn Weber, one of the owners of The Urban Gardener and frequent volunteer at the library.

Among the companies in attendance were Allegheny General Hospital, the Manchester Bidwell Corporation, the Pittsburgh Police Department, Deli on North, and the Urban League of Greater Pittsburgh.

The event also hosted freelancers in the fields of web design and graphic design.

Students participating in the career fair were given a sheet with instructions to learn about the careers of any 12 professionals in attendance. The student would then earn the signature of each of the professionals.

All students who earned the signatures of 12 professionals were entered into a raffle to win a bus pass so they can safely travel the community and visit local businesses.

Students were also given a list of sample questions to serve as an icebreaker for conversation with the professionals. Sample questions included “What made you choose this career?” and “What does a normal day at work look like?”

Other companies in attendance include the KEYS Service Corps, which provides real world experience for young people through community service. Members of the Service Corps also provide assistance with schoolwork for at-risk youths in the community.

Dave Yake, one of the managers of the event, stressed the importance of the “Life After High School” program as an outlet for young people to know that there are options other than college and part-time jobs for high school graduates.

In addition to the career fair the program features SAT and ACT test prep sessions for students as well as a resume writing course and a financial literacy class. The program also hosts homework help and tutoring sessions on Monday afternoons.

The career fair serves as the first major event in the “Life After High School” program. A full schedule for the fall events of the program can be viewed on the library’s official website.


Photo by Douglas McGlynn 

Duncan Falk (left) and Andre Costello were among the professionals in attendance at the first “Life After High School” career fair for teenagers Saturday, Oct. 4 at Central Northside’s Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh.

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