Burns Scalo adopts Schiller Middle School


By Luke Meyers

Rarely do you see in today’s fast paced society a corporate business so intertwined with the development and growth of the community around them. Burns Scalo, since its founding in 1956 has made it their mission to give back to those in need. Whether that be through their encouraging spirit towards employees to put others first, or anonymously give more through their chosen charities, the company has a continued passion for giving back to the community.

There is one program in particular that the real estate division of the company (Burns Scalo Real Estate) is currently concentrated on supporting for obvious reasons. In 2015, Burns Scalo Real Estate chose The Education Partnership and their Adopt-a-School Program as one of their charities for contribution. As a result, Burns Scalo Real Estate was assigned Pittsburgh Schiller Middle School (Grades 6-8) in the Northside as their partner school. For the past two years, the company, through The Education Partnership, has been able to supply all the necessary monetary needs for new school supplies at Pittsburgh Schiller. The relationship Burns Scalo has formed with the students and administrative staff at this school has been extremely impactful for both parties. The middle schoolers and teachers at Pittsburgh Schiller rely on these school supplies each year to be successful in the classroom, and Burns Scalo Real Estate is delighted to have the opportunity to provide for them. The Education Partnership is an amazing organization that arranges each exchange a company has with a school in their Adopt-A-School Program, going above and beyond to ensure all needs are met. Burns Scalo opts each year to help package and deliver the supplies to the students at Pittsburgh Schiller, engaging their employees and creating a further understanding to the company’s drive to give back.

When Burns Scalo Real Estate went to Adopt Pittsburgh Schiller Middle School for a third time, budgets for 2017 had changed drastically due to the demand for more school supplies. Burns Scalo Real Estate has made a call to all North Side and Greater Pittsburgh Area businesses to help fundraise the remainder ($2,100) to provide for a school in their direct neighborhood. In their fundraising efforts, Burns Scalo has dispersed collection boxes and is reaching out to any organization willing to assist.

If you are interested in joining forces with Burns Scalo Real Estate and The Education Partnership please contact Luke Meyers at 317-416-9348 or lmeyers@burnsscalo.com

For interest on how to Adopt-A-School with The Education Partnerships visit www.TheEducationPartnership.org


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