Brighton Heights twins to make big screen debut


Photo courtesy of the Dumonts

Twins Jacob (left) and Josh with director Jessie Nelson on the movie set of “Love the Coopers.”

By Justin Criado

It was a phone call he’ll never forget, hoping to get the part in an upcoming movie being filmed in Pittsburgh, Jacob Dumont remembers the message that brought him, and his twin brother, Josh, to the Hollywood screen.

“I got the phone call and I think my head hit the roof,” Jacob said. “I’m in a major motion picture, what do I do?”

The Dumonts, 22, of Brighton Heights recently wrapped up filming “Love the Coopers,” a Christmas movie starring Olivia Wilde, Ed Helms, Diane Keaton and John Goodman, and directed by Jessie Nelson (I am Sam, Stepmom) set for a Nov. 13 release date.

“It’s funny,” Jacob said of the upcoming movie. “When you see the movie trailer you can’t help but laugh.”

The movie called for a set of twins for a particular emotional scene inside the Pittsburgh airport, and the Dumonts were selected from a set of five other siblings out of Nancy Mosser Casting in Lawrenceville.

“We had them dying (laughing),” Jacob said of the audition. “I said, ‘I think we got this.’”

Jacob became interested in acting while attending Oliver high school, where he performed in school plays and took theater classes, and has appeared in commercials and print ads for Dick’s Sporting Goods and others, but Josh wasn’t as interested at first, according to Jacob.

“To have my brother be in it with me that was the best thing, to do it together,” Jacob said of the recent filming.

Jacob described the hectic, yet organized, working conditions of being on a professional movie set, and admitted there wasn’t much sleep to be had over the two days it took to wrap up their particular scene.

“It was weird. It was crazy. But you get used to it after a while and settle down like you have a job to do,” Jacob said. “You really don’t get a lot of rest. It was 100 percent professional, coordinated chaos.”

The twins have talked to MTV producers about being featured on the reality show “True Life,” but nothing has been officially confirmed.

Jacob attends CCAC-Allegheny, while Josh recently transferred to Penn State’s main campus, but even though the two are hours apart they still plan to audition together for anymore twin roles that come about.

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