Brighton Heights ninth annual chocolate house tour a success


by William Park

On Sunday June 9, the Brighton Heights Citizens Federation hosted its ninth annual house tour.

Treasurer Joan Bellisario called the tour, which centered on the area of the neighborhood near Cornell Street, Harvard Circle, and Purdue Street, an overall success.

“It was just a beautiful day. The houses were wonderful. The people who came were wonderful,” she said.

Over 400 people attended and helped raise money to pay for the Federation’s office rent as well as other events such as the hanging flower baskets.

Just as important, the house tour brings people into the community, and residents also have much to benefit from.

“A lot of the neighbors who live in this neighborhood had never been in that area of the neighborhood before,” she said. “It pulls people together.”

Each year the house tour features various types of chocolate provided by homeowners and donors. This year’s treats included chocolate cupcakes and bars, and even a chocolate fountain.

While this was not the first house tour to have a chocolate theme, it was the first to feature a 25-passenger bus.

The tour, which started at St. Cyril of Alexandria Church, went to seven homes, several of which were uphill. The bus went up the hill on Termon Avenue, and guests were able to walk down and see the houses.

“A lot of the people who take house tours are not as young as we used to be. And so, the bus was a big hit,” Bellisario said.

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