BPSC praises local man’s bravery


Photo by Alyse Horn
(Left to right: Joe Brown, Paul Hinerman and Councilwoman Darlene Harris) Brown and Harries present Hinerman with the Good Neighbor Award for saving a man’s life from a burning house.

By Alyse Horn

The Brightwood Public Safety Committee honored a local hero with the Good Neighbor Award at its meeting Tuesday night at Presley Ridge, 2611 Stayton St.

On February 24 around 1 a.m., Paul Hinerman and his fiancé Angie Puhac were driving near Route 65 when they happened to drive by a house that Puhac noticed was on fire. Hinerman then stopped the car and rushed into the house to check for people, where he found Ralph Lowe Sr. asleep on the couch. Hinerman then grabbed Lowe, who is partially blind, and rushed out of the house.

Joe Brown, a coordinator of the BPSC, gave Hinerman the award with Councilwoman Darlene Harris. Earlier Tuesday morning, Harris also gave a proclamation at for the City Council.

Hinerman said he felt honored for the recognition and to receive the award.

The BPSC meeting also answered questions to a shooting that occurred on the 1200 block of Woodland Avenue in February.

Lt. Dan Herrmann and Sgt. Timothy Westwood from the Pittsburgh police homicide department answered questions and concerns from residents at the meeting, clarifying that the shooting was not random.

Sgt. Westwood said the two men met for a drug deal on the 1200 block of Woodland Avenue, where a confrontation ensued and shots were fired killing one of the two men. Sgt. Westwood also said that the case is solved and the suspect is in the process of being prosecuted.

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