Boutique opens on East Ohio Street


Above: Flaunt Boutique at the corner of East Ohio Street and Cedar. (Photo by Kelsey Shea)

Specializing in women’s clothing and clothing for plus-sized women, Flaunt Boutique is a new clothing store that opened up on the corner of East Ohio Street and Cedar Avenue in August.

Though the mannequins positioned in the front windows may seem flashy or racy to some, said Akintola, Flaunt Boutique has a lot of variety. Each week, Akintola and McMiller add new inventory to their store.  The owners are very excited about being in Northside.  

 “Since the Northside is in a transitional period, we just wanted a place where we would have an opportunity to grow,” said Akintola about the benefits of the neighborhood.

The owners said they set out to create a store that filled a need they saw within Pittsburgh, a clothing boutique to rival those found in New York or Atlanta.

Akintola and McMiller used their home towns to shape the kind of store they planned to make, with Akintola originally from Maryland and her partner, McMiller, originally from Detroit.

Flaunt is unique to East Ohio Street, providing a store that is new to the Historic Deutschtown business district.

Barb Burns, president of the Historic Deutschtown Development Corp., sees the new store as a solution to a problematic situation of the 400 East Ohio Street location.

“They’ve made a very nice presentation of their store,” said Burns. “I wish them well. That corner for a long time was problematic for the community.”

“We love the Northside,” said Akintola. “Our hearts were really set on opening it up here. We have a lot of people from the community who stop in just to check us out; people who are happy it’s not just another bar.”

To learn more about Flaunt Boutique, visit their Facebook page at

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