Bobby Wilson, winner in the Democratic primary on Tuesday, is one step closer to the District 1 seat on Pittsburgh City Council.

By Ashlee Green

Photo by Lauren Stauffer

Bobby Wilson won the Democratic primary on Tuesday, beating out Councilwoman Darlene Harris and Mark Brentley, Sr. In a phone interview with The Northside Chronicle, Wilson said his team had a lot of voter contact throughout his campaign.

“We kept up with the contact and made sure our voters went to the polls,” said Wilson.

Wilson said he greeted voters on Tuesday at the Lynn Williams Apartments, a major polling place in Brighton Heights.

“It was great to see the support wasn’t just in one place, it was all across District 1,” said Wilson. “It shows that the entire District 1 was ready for that change.”

Wilson’s contenders were Councilwoman Darlene Harris, who has held the seat for the past 12 years, and Mark Brentley, Sr., a former long-time member of the school board.

“[Councilwoman Harris] served with great pride and got many things done in the business districts and for the Northside,” said Debbie Kutschbach, Councilwoman Harris’ campaign manager. “People can say what they want, but she did a lot for the Northside.”

Young voters want to be heard, Kutschbach explained, and often have different priorities than whether or not a candidate is “endorsed.” Kutschbach said Councilwoman Harris is looking forward to retirement, and will always be there for her Northside residents.

Brentley, Sr. expressed gratitude for his campaign experience.

“First, I am so grateful for having the chance to meet with the many seniors and different organizations that sponsored the forums and debates,” said Brentley, Sr. He noted that there are important factors like race and funding that often play into politics and was disappointed to not have an chance to bring a “little bit of independence” into the City Council seat.

Brentley Sr.’s major concern while running was whether or not proposed plans would benefit the local Northside residents. “Regardless of how great we think this city is,” he said, “African Americans cannot raise the kind of funds that white candidates can.”

Speaking of his campaign, Brentley Sr. said: “I had a wonderful opportunity of exchanging ideas for the Northside.”

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