This spring, the Northside Leadership Conference’s bike friendly business program called “We Like Bikes” will launch in the Northside in an effort to encourage more people to ride their bikes.

The Northside Leadership Conference (NSLC) was awarded a $1,000 mini-grant from One Northside to launch the Northside Bike Friendly Business Program. The program, called “We Like Bikes!” is set to be up and running by the spring.

According to the NSLC’s Main Street Assistant, Jesse Descutner, the program is geared toward increasing bike safety, encouraging people to bike in the Northside and supporting Northside businesses.

“We Like Bikes!” business members will help to enhance the bike-friendliness of the Northside by allowing bicyclists access to water and restroom facilities and providing
bicycle repair tools and resources, like tire irons, patch kits, allen wrenches and tire pumps, in their stores.

The logo for the soon-to-launch “We Like Bikes!” program, an effort to get more people to ride their bikes in the Northside.

Descutner hopes that the program will encourage more people to ride their bikes for leisure, run errands, establish beneficial relationships between riders and local businesses and encourage riders to shop small.

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