The Healing Space by Ayeshah A. Bulls


Ayeshah A. Bulls is a wife, mother, Northside resident, psychology student at Carlow University, community volunteer, family development assistant and published author. She has been writing creatively since she was six years old. She truly realized how her gift of writing inspired others during a poetry contest as a teen, when she witnessed how her words had the ability to pull deep emotion from the audience. 

Since having her first book Stripped published in 2008, she is committed to using her gift of writing to empower, encourage and uplift. As a columnist for The Northside Chronicle, she desires that her column promotes hope and the will to progress in the Northside Community. 

-June 2011: I’m starting with the one in the mirror

-April 2011: Spring Cleaning

-March 2011: Watered seeds

-February 2011: What’s on your mind?

-January 2011: Do you have a resolution?

-December 2010: For every action, there is a reaction

-November 2010: Who’s advising you?

-October 2010: Misery loves company, why doesn’t happiness?

-September 2010: The world I want begins with me

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