Artist brings ‘World’s Biggest Burger’ to Neu Kirche


Photo courtesy of Neu Kirche
The burger sculpture is park of the Fallow Grounds for Sculpture project, which happens every summer. Click here to see past and ongoing projects.

By Alexandria Stryker

The Northside’s first ever roadside attraction is coming to Deuschtown, and it’s going to be a mouthful — “The World’s Biggest Burger” will debut on August 26 as part of Neu Kirche’s annual summer residency program.

Artist Amy Masters drew inspiration for her giant creation from the culture surrounding roadside attractions as well as the Northside’s annual “Sandwich Week” competition, which is a 10-day event were local restaurants and pubs showcase their most creative dishes and go head-to-head in hopes of being crowned the Northside Sandwich King. Masters’ burger creation, though not edible, ranks as the neighborhood’s largest ever sandwich. The sculpture will be on display until October 31,

The burger, which will be located at 824 Chestnut Street, is part of the Fallow Grounds for Sculpture program that features community engagement-focused art pieces in vacant lots around Deutschtown. This particular interactive exhibit features exterior portholes that allow visitors to peer into the burger’s toppings.

The Neu Kirche’s main gallery, 1000 Madison Ave., will open that same day at 6 p.m. for “In The Making,” a celebration for the Fallow Grounds artists. The event is free and visitors will be able to pick up a free map of this year’s exhibits. Simultaneously, the Yinzer House Gallery, featuring artist Thomas Waters and the Great Hall, featuring artist Nathan Lorenzo will also be open during the event. 





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