Real estate transfers: April 11-15, 2011


Residential and commercial real estate transactions from the week of April 11-15, 2011


Leah Bord Coccaro to Sally Barrett and Stuart Muchkivch at 1227 Island Ave. for $9,500.


Pittsburgh City to Lillian Reese at 1417 Adams St. for $5,900.


Jeffrey Sikirica trustee to Pittsburgh Urban Redevelopment Authority at 801 Kroll Drive for $500,000.

Troy Hill

Realty Choice Investments LLC to Neomi Tova Angel at 1432 Lowrie St. for $54,000.

Deborah Marvit McGlothlin to William Wakeley at 2163 Lowrie St. for $53,000.

Perry Hilltop

Martha Lou Schove to Southern Tier Envioronments for Living I at 2724 Ellis St. for $3,000.

Matthew Widurski to American Eagle Properties LLC at 833 Marshall Ave. for $12,723.

Observatory Hill

Estate of Maryann Zetwo to GLX Properties 1 LLC at 220 Venture St. for $110,000.

Parkvale Savings Bank to Realty Choice Investments LLC at 27 Bonvue St. for $15,000.

Brighton Heights
Jerome Russell to Joseph Balint at Lecky Ave. for $4,000.

Housing & Urban Development to Lawrence Stephen Wilson at 3528 Massachusetts Ave. for $32,000.

PNC Mortgage to Realty Choice Investments LLC at 1514 Orchlee St. for $18,500.

Northwest Savings Bank to Dylan and Timothy Cole at 2058 Stonelea St. for $37,237.

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