AGH Auxiliary supports community through donations


Photo by Justin Criado

From left to right: Bob Herbert, Alan Perry, Bill Pricener, Anita Perry, Becky Coger (behind Anita Perry), Bill Kunz, Janet Kunz, Lindsey Blocki, Karen Miller, Kelly Finnegan,  Susan Liebert (behind Finnegan), Debbie Caplan, Michael Harlovic (behind Caplan), Cathy Kraus, Andrea Joubert, and Isabelle Scott.

By Justin Criado

The Allegheny General Hospital Auxiliary presented four non-profits with donations Wednesday, Dec. 17, recognizing the community in which it serves.

The St. Michael’s Food Bank, YMCA Allegheny and Boy Scout Troop 348 and Boy Scout Pack 281 all received checks for various expenditures. The donations totaled $2,000.

“We’re a not-for-profit institution and we like to also help other not-for-profit institutions,” AGH president and CEO Michael Harlovic said. “We appreciate your continued support.”

The Auxiliary has been around for over 100 years and has annually donated to other community non-profits.

“One of the missions of the auxiliary is to support the hospital and the community that it serves,” auxiliary president Andrea Joubert said.  “With us supporting you folks we are in essence supporting the community. We appreciate everything you do for the Northside.”

YMCA executive director Bill Pricener explained that the donation will help with this year’s Christmas meal preparations.

“We’re one of the last two YMCAs in the city of Pittsburgh that has a housing component”
Pricener said. “We have 105 men that live in our facilities. This check is going to help provide a really nice Christmas meal for these guys. We cannot thank you enough for everything the hospital has done for us and what the auxiliary does.”

Membership for the scouts was recently increased to $25, and Pack 281 Scoutmaster Alan Perry said the donations will help counteract the membership rate as well as help more scouts participate in more activities.

“We do a lot of activities and they may not have the resources to pay for them,” Perry said. “It’s good to know that Allegheny General Hospital and the auxiliary thought about us.”

Bob Herbert of the St. Michael’s Food Bank, and Bill and Janet Kunz of Boy Scout Troop 348 were also on hand to accept donations.

DSC_8455Photo by Justin Criado

Auxiliary president Andrea Joubert (top left) presents Troop 281 Scoutmaster Alan Perry (right) a check along with community rep. Anita Perry (bottom left) and den leader Becky Coger

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