Online Payment Information

With the transition to, customers will only receive an emailed invoice and may pay by debit/bank card, credit card, or request to set-up an ACH payment. Find our Terms & Conditions, here. Below is more information on setting up the account, scheduling auto-pay, and managing To Do list reminders through email preferences.

The Northside Chronicle highly suggests managing email preferences to reduce excessive reminders upon creating a new account.

If you need further assistance with your portal account, The Northside Chronicle highly suggests heading over to, clicking the orange “Contact Us” button at the right top, asking your question in the pop-up box in the bottom right, it will pull up help resource pages with more information, or you can click the “Contact Support” to open up a live chat session with customer service. They will be able to access your account and help change settings, retrieve passwords, and more.

Portal accounts: what you can expect to see and need to adjust in settings for best practices

When a you receive an invoice, and follow the link to The Northside Chronicle’s payment web address, the following is what you will see:

Invoice with Branded Web Address

Invoice with Branded Web Address

Email with Invoice

Invoice Email

You will click Pay Invoice Electronically then create a portal account by creating a password:

Create password

You will then Agree to the terms of service and register.

Portal Home Page

Portal home page

To pay your bill, you will click the Pay Outstanding Bills button, then the Add Bank Account button to add banking information. Credit cards are accepted, the option can be chosen from the drop down menu under “Pay From”, then added using the blue button.

Pay from

Enter banking information

Enter banking info

Checking the “private” box will hide the bank account information from other colleagues that are given access to use the same portal to make payments. To change or update the payment information, hover over the Gear Icon to access the banking and credit card information.

Paying Invoices

After a bank account is added, you can start paying the invoices that have been sent to them.

You can select:

  • Pay From: They will be able to select if you have enabled and they have added more than one form of payment method
  • Choose account: Select the account to pay from if more than one
  • Pay On: The date the payment will be debited from their account
  • Total Payment: We default the full amount of the invoice, your customer can decrease the amount to make a partial payment
  • Click Pay to pay the invoice

Set up Auto Charge

To set up Auto Charge, choose Auto Pay your bills from the home screen and fill out the form on the next page.

Auto-pay set up

Note: This can also be turned on from the Receiving account. Access to this screen can be turned on and off from Settings > Receivables Preferences.

Branded Web Address landing page

To log in in the future, you will access your portal account via The Northside Chronicle’s payments web address:

Branded Web Portal login page

No portal account yet

If you do not have a portal account set up, click Don’t have an account on the The Northside Chronicle’s payments web address landing page. You will need the information from the invoice in your emails to move forward:

Customer portal sign up

Enter email (user name) and password

Create an account

To Do List

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Your To Do list gives you an at a glance view of any items needing attention, as well as any tasks available to complete.

Understanding your account - To do list icon

Your To Do list is separated into 2 sections:

Needs Attention

  • Returned checks
  • Failed ePayments, Payables and Receivables
  • Review uncashed checks older than 20 days
  • Records to fix if a user who is listed as an approver on bills is deleted
  • Pending bank accounts setup
  • Fix sync errors
  • Fix denied bills
  • Fix Bill approval policy violations
  • Fix vendor credit policy exceptions
  • Fix credit card setup
  • Returned AR ACH
  • Provide Purpose of Use


  • Process inbox documents
  • Pay overdue bills
  • Pay ready to be paid bills
  • Pay bills due in 7 days
  • Confirm X electronic vendors
  • Approve bills
  • Approve Payments
  • Track invoices (AR) overdue
  • Invoice(s) overdue
  • Track invoices due in 7 days
  • Invoice(s) due in the next 7 days
  • Complete bank account setup
  • Set a valid physical address
  • Set up accounting preferences
  • Setup your bank account to receive online payments
  • Additional security setup
  • Network Invites
  • Invite(s) awaiting your response
Understanding your account - To do list detail

Email notifications

We send you To do list email notifications to let you know there are some things you need to take care of in your account. Notifications are started at 2:00 AM PT, and it takes a few hours to process all the daily email notifications that are sent each day. The email notification processing typically completes by 5:00 AM PT.

The timing of email notification distribution may be impacted by your email service.

Things to know

  • Control the frequency of your To Do list emails, or turn them off completely, by setting your email preferences and notifications, below.
  • You can toggle the To Do list to automatically expand when you login, or be hidden unless you click the icon.
    • click X to close the to do list manually
  • The specific tasks on the To Do list will depend upon the roles and permissions of each user

Managing email preferences:

  1. Click Settings (gear icon at top right)
  2. Under the You section, click Email preferences
    • If you do not see Email preferences under You, click Profile, then hover over Details and click Email preferences
  3. Click the edit icon
  4. Update your email notifications preferences
    • Uncheck the box for notifications you don’t want to receive
    • Select the frequency for your To Do list email
      • Periodic Summary
        • We email you a To Do list summary
        • Can choose to get those notification for that ToDo List :
          • Daily (Monday – Friday)
          • Weekly and choose the days
          • Monthly: Choose the days
          • Or Never
  5. Click Save and you can click here to see further information for future reference. Most likely to receive over 50 means that they have their preferences set on daily reminders but we would have to work with them directly to assist with this.