ACS Winter Film Series shifts attention to Thomas Meighan


by John Canning

Allegheny City Society’s winter film series continues this month, spotlighting Thomas Meighan on March 12.

Tommy Meighan was born and raised in Allegheny City in the late 19th century.

From his family home at 604 (originally #47) Taylor Avenue, Meighan attended St. Peter’s elementary school and Allegheny High.

Tommy’s father, a successful foundry owner, hoped his son would enter the medical profession, but Tommy was much more enthralled with theater and the early film industry.

Encouraged by Samuel Goldwyn, Meighan headed to Hollywood in 1915.

Within the following four years Tommy had roles in more than 30 films, the most famous being “The Miracle Man” – a big money maker of the silent film years.

Meighan moved into starring in several early sound films in the late 1920s. A prolonged illness ended an amazing career of this Allegheny-born actor.

On Tuesday March 12, Meighan’s 1922 silent film “Manslaughter” will be screened as the main feature of the Allegheny City Society’s Winter film series.

Tom Roberts, the Northside’s famed pianist will provide a music to accompany the film.

The 7 p.m. program at the Allegheny U.U. Church will be within a block or two of Tommy’s childhood home. All folks are welcome at this free ACS event. Come out to enjoy the program and learn more about Tommy Meighan.



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