A word from Councilwoman Harris on memorial restorations


By Councilwoman Darlene Harris

The foundation of our City of Pittsburgh is a historical reminder of the sacrifices made by American soldiers during our country’s earliest years. To this day, the commitment of American veterans serves as a reminder to all of us that freedom comes with a cost. As a native Pittsburgher, I find it especially important to honor those who have left our great City to risk their lives in the name of freedom. The memorials placed throughout our City reflect the sacrifices made by Pittsburgh veterans through the course of history.

I realize that over time, some of our memorials have deteriorated. I appreciate the efforts made by citizens to try to preserve our memorials, but for the sake of these historic landmarks, I am requesting that all restorative tasks and efforts be left to the City’s professional restoration teams. In order to maximize the longevity of our beloved memorials, we must refrain from using cleaning products and methods unfit for the restoration process. We all want to preserve the memorials as best we can so that future generations will be reminded of the sacrifices made by veterans for the land they love. Please help me to keep our memorials as well-preserved as possible.

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