Walkability and transit scores of the Northside


Graphic by Kelsey Shea/Data by Walk Source.

How walker friendly is your Northside neighborhood? It’s easy to find out with Walk Score, an online source that quantifies the walkability of neighborhoods.

Walk Score measures how walker friendly and public transit oriented neighborhoods across the country are by giving them scores between 1 and 100 based on proximity to amenities such as schools, stores and transit lines.

Across the Northside, the numbers are pretty varied, but neighborhoods in the lower Northside like the Central Northside, Allegheny West, Deutschtown and Allegheny Center were rated well on both walking and transit scores.

The transit scores in the upper neighborhoods were consistently in the 40s, while the walkability scores ranged from 17 in Summer Hill up to 49 in Brighton Heights.

Recent transit cuts and additions haven’t been calculated into the score, but the addition of the North Shore Connector would drive the transit score of lower neighborhoods up, and new bus cuts would decrease the transit scores of the upper Northside neighborhoods.

The entire City of Pittsburgh’s walking score was 64, which is slightly higher than the average Northside score of 62.1. The average Northside transit score of 50.8 is also lower than the City’s average of 55 according to Walk Score.

For better or for worse, walk on Northsiders!


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