The Healing Space: Peace be unto you


Peace is a word that is often underappreciated and not seen for its true value.

More than the word itself, the meaning and power of its abilities are truly taken for granted. One meaning, according to, defines it as “untroubled; tranquil; content; a state of mutual harmony with self and with others.”

Peace has the ability to heal, to fix what is broken, to calm storms, to silence the noises of confusion and to bring light to areas that have always been in the dark.

I have experienced individuals that are in the group of those that do not appreciate peace. They seem to cringe when all is going well and when there are no battles to fight. 

Therefore, they destroy their own peace by creating chaos in their own lives and worse yet in the lives of others. Living in constant combat and confusion distorts one’s vision of what life is all about. I say to these people, “Peace be unto you.”

There are also those that do not value the peace in their lives. These individuals make the mini issues in their lives gigantic ones. All of their bills are paid, they are in good health, they have great friends and family, yet they are the ones complaining endlessly about the local store not having any bananas. 

Spending more time acknowledging what is wrong rather than what is right causes one to block new blessings from entering their lives or to lack hope about the future. I say to these people, “Peace be unto you.”

For those of us that honor and savor the blessing of peace when it is available to us, we must feel confident and secure in revealing how peace has healing, repairing, calming, silencing and enlightening power.

Taking advantage of the peaceful periods in our lives gives us the time to collect the wisdom, strength, and patience to handle the challenges that life itself will bring to us for the purpose of our growth. We must let the drama chasers know that it is okay to be happy and not to go on a hunt for the next battle. We must balance the complainer by reminding them that if Kuhn’s doesn’t have any more bananas Giant Eagle does, it’s OK.

Peace exudes from the inside out and transforms environments of chaos and confusion to harmony and order. My father, a wise man, recently reminded me that when you have peace within yourself, you will have peace with others. 

“We will think in peace, speak in peace, knowing in our hearts that like will draw like.”



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