The Healing Space with Ayeshah A. Bulls: Life is a process


I have the wonderful opportunity of taking a child development class this semester. Now, as I have worked with children off and on over the years, I have taken this class before.

Yet it is always so interesting that depending on where we are in life, the same information can seem so different.

For instance, I have always been a big-picture person, but in this particular season of my journey, I am being forced to focus on and pay attention to the details.

Therefore, as I am being refreshed on our development process from conception to birth, learning this information through a detailed mindset is absolutely mind-blowing.

From the intricacies of fertilization to the formulation of brain cells, each step and stage of development is necessary to ensure the proper completion of the life process.

All of these wonders and miracles have made me really look at and realize just how amazing yet complex life is. Life is a verb, not a noun. It is a process.

A process is defined as a systematic series of actions directed to some end. What is your desired end at this particular point of your life?

Is it to have more happy days than sad ones? Is it to have more peace than drama? Is it to become healthier?

Whatever it may be, there must be a series of actions completed to reach your desired end. A systematic series of actions means that there must be a consistency, a routine, a way of life that leads to the life you want.

In order to reach a goal or a desired outcome in our lives we must look at how our current circumstances and environments may be negatively or positively impacting what it is that we are trying to do.

If we desire a life of happiness, we should not surround ourselves with people that continuously bring us news, information and opportunities that drain us of any little piece of joy we may have.

If we want no or less drama in our lives, we must remove ourselves from situations and conversations that don’t promote peace in and around us.

If we long to be spiritually, mentally and physically healthier, we must begin and maintain a regimen in our lives that will lead us to a life of healthiness. What series of actions do you plan to jump start in your life?

We must realize that a life of happiness, peace, abundance and health takes much effort, discipline and commitment.

To desire and want these things is natural; as natural as all of the axons, neurons, cells and organs working together to bring us and to sustain our physical lives.  

Therefore, this season, attach yourself to people, places, and things that will all work together to help you bring forth the life you want.

Begin the process of developing the life you want.

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