The Healing Space: The world I want begins within me


I recently read a blogger’s opinion of the movie Eat, Pray, Love, a popular movie starring Julia Roberts. Roberts plays Elizabeth Gilbert, a woman that embarks on a journey of self discovery to Italy, India and Indonesia.

The blogger expressed her disappointment in the unrealistic journey that is portrayed in the movie and the fact that most people do not have the resources or access to such a journey. The blogger points out that not everyone that longs to discover their true selves has the means, time, opportunity or freedom to travel the world, eat exotic foods in Italy and meditate for hours at a time in India.

Where I understand this assessment, I do not agree that we do not have the ability to embark on a journey of self discovery right from home. The ability to visit a new place, such as a park, a museum, a free community event or even a bus trip to a new community in your own city is within reach and will open your senses to a new environment.

Trying a new recipe or visiting a new neighborhood restaurant exposes your taste buds to new flavors. Visiting a local worship center, reading a new book, attending a free exercise or yoga class or even sitting back to listen to healthy music will feed your spirit and mind.

We do not have to be Gilbert in Eat, Pray, Love in order to eat healthier, pray more consistently or to love more freely. As one season ends and another begins, reflect on how you can “season” your life.

Webster’s dictionary defines “season” as: to heighten or improve the flavor of something. Yes, your plate may be full, but adding a little season to what is already there may heighten and improve the flavor of your own life.

The journey of self discovery begins within. Stepping back to look at your life and what is on your plate in a new way will allow you to embrace all of the beauty that exists in and around you. Add a little spice to your life this autumn season and began your own personal journey to self discovery.

Ayeshah is a freelance writer and the author of Stripped, published in 2008. She is a Northsider, active volunteer and currently attends Carlow University for Psychology. She hopes her column promotes hope and the will to progress on the Northside.

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