The Healing Space: Misery loves company, why doesn’t happiness?


The quote “misery loves company” has always baffled and disturbed me. Why is it that misery is so diligent in its attempt to make everything around just as miserable, but happiness tends to keep to itself? I mean, if misery is not successful the first time, it will come back again and again until it rubs off on others. Misery seems to have the ability to change a whole environment in the matter of minutes.

But happiness seems not to rub off as easily. Or is it just that happiness isn’t as diligent and committed as misery to insuring that all feel the effects of it?

Well, I say it is time for those of us who are genuinely happy and choose to partake in the goodness of life to be more persistent in adapting environments to our energy. Those that are miserable or not happy are sure to share with others all the bad news that they can, talk about how horrible their day is going or say something that may wipe the smile off of your face. Therefore, we good, optimistic, happy people must share great news with others, talk about how good our day is going or say something to make someone smile!

When we are blessed in any area, whether it is tangible or intangible; such as with happiness, peace or joy, it is our duty as servants and members of the human race to share. I ask, this season as many are looking for a mask to scare others, began to think of what you may wear upon your face that can bring encouragement and light to someone else.

Question: How do others feel after being in your presence, happy or misery?

If you want to make others happy, say “I will exercise my duty to be happy!”

Ayeshah Bulls is a freelance writer and the author of Stripped, published in 2008. She is a Northsider, active volunteer and currently attends Carlow University for Psychology. She hopes her column promotes hope and the will to progress on the Northside.

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