Pinwheels and clouds preview new park


This week, Northside residents and Children’s Museum guests got a glimpse of what Allegheny Public Square will look like after its revitalization.

The city park is being redesigned by The Children’s Museum and will include more green space, trees, sitting space and even a 32-foot-tall art installation. 

Construction at the formerly sunken in cement park began earlier this month with fencing off of the park and the initial stages of demolition.

Wednesday, The Children’s Museum allowed kids to pin colorful pinwheels to the fence surrounding the construction site, to blow in the wind and surround the construction vehicles working at the site. 

The museum also previewed an art installation by Ned Kahn called “Cloud Arbor” that will be placed in the completed park.

The finished piece will be a series of 32-foot-tall metal poles that will emit water vapor 9 feet above the ground to create an artificial cloud. Though the example pole they had stood only about 9-feet from the ground, and produced a cloud at nearly ground level. 

In addition to pinwheels, The Children’s Museum also displayed digital renderings of what the finished park will look like that residents strolling by can see.

The estimated project cost for the park is currently $6 million. Of that, the museum has already raised $5 million with a conditional $1 million from the Buhl Foundation.

The conditional million is dependent on The Children’s Museum’s ability to engage and raise $500,000 from Northside residents and businesses. 

According to Gina Focareta Evans, Wednesday’s pinwheels and art aimed to involve Northside residents as well as make the construction site a little more visually appealing.


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