Saul Covers the Bases


Saul Covers the Bases is a weekly column about the Pirates written by former Chronicle intern and University of Pittsburgh student Isaac Saul.

-8-24 Breaking down the season letter by letter

-8-18 Dim lights still there in a darkening season

-8-9 Is this the end for the Pirates’ season

-8-2 Call at home kills Pirates’ momentum

-7-26 Bucs win against St. Louis is big

-7/19 Varsity time for the Pirates

-7/12 Late season trades could be risky

-7/5:  Are the Bucs for real?

-6/28: Two steps forward, one step back

-6/21: Pirates this season are like a pendulum

-6/14: Bucs must capitalize on upcoming opportunities

-6/7: Don’t get too excited about win over Phillies

-5/24: Pirates continue to struggle

-5/17: Bucs dive bomb away from .500

-5/10: Pirates reach .500, stay there

-5/5: Pirates management contributing to improvements

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