Perry Principal Nina Sacco: Welcoming Oliver students to Perry Traditional Academy


It is with a deep sense of pride and commitment that my team and I look forward to the beginning of the 2012-13 school year at Pittsburgh Perry High School.   

Our faculty and staff have been hard at work all summer preparing to serve as the Northside neighborhood’s comprehensive high school.  

If you haven’t visited Pittsburgh Perry, you just might not recognize the interior of the building.

We have undergone major renovations resulting in a brighter, greener and more welcoming environment.

 Our students have added their own touches as well.  A “unity tree” mural upon which students have added their thumbprints appears in one hallway.  In another hallway, a bulletin board proudly announces the names of all incoming students.  

In our main office, a paper chain wraps around the ceiling, graced with the names of all of those who have played a vital role in the Pittsburgh Perry transformation from a high school magnet to a comprehensive Northside institution.  

The changes, however, run deeper than just the cosmetic.  We have partnered with the Metropolitan Center for Urban Education in an effort to allow for a seamless transition.  

They have been working tirelessly with faculty and staff to develop tools that will increase teacher effectiveness and accelerate student achievement.  In addition, they have worked hand in hand with Northside organizations to enhance communication and community involvement in our school.  

Another major change will be evident in the use of technology here at Pittsburgh Perry as we strive to prepare our students for the world outside of education.  

Laptop labs, wireless connectivity and iPads will be available in many of our classrooms, and teachers will use technology in ways that will engage our students and increase achievement.  

The new initiatives are indeed exciting, but what is perhaps even more exciting for me is the opportunity I have been afforded to be the principal of what is sure to be a top-notch school.  

From our academics to art to our athletics, we will strive to excel as we embrace parental and community involvement in all of our initiatives.

My promise to the Northside community at large is that Pittsburgh Perry will be a school worthy of being the first choice for all Northside families.   

By working together, I am confident that our entire student population graduates promise-ready and is able to take advantage of a Pittsburgh Promise® scholarship and be successful in all aspects of their lives.

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