New employment program will connect Northside job-seekers with ‘green’ employers


If searching for a job has made you blue, try going green.

Green Jobs — Northside! is a newly-launched program through the Northside Leadership Conference Neighborhood Employment Center designed to connect Northside job-seekers with Northside businesses in the “green” industries.

According to the 2010 Pennsylvania Green Jobs Report, green jobs — which are jobs dealing with energy efficiency, sustainability, renewable resources, pollution prevention and cleanup and clean transportation — will grow from 35,000 positions in 2009 to 115,800 by 2012.

Neighborhood Employment Center Director Randy Lheureau said the new Alcoa-funded program will help Northsiders get training in green industries through local organizations like CCAC and the Bidwell Training Center.

One of the biggest advantages of a career in the green sector, Lheureau said, is that these jobs often provide a living wage and don’t require excessive amounts of training.

Although Green Jobs — Northside! does not provide training or financial assistance for training, the $20,000 grant for the program from Alcoa will help Northsiders find affordable training and put them in touch with green Northside businesses, as well as help them with their resumes, cover letters and interviewing skills.

Lheureau said a large part of the program is to spread the word about the availability of green jobs on the Northside. The Employment Center will accomplish that through community outreach, such as presentations in high schools and other community events.

“There’s a lot of emphasis right now on clean technology and green jobs,” Lheureau said. “And the Northside reflects that trend.”

For more information on Green Jobs — Northside!, visit, then click on the Work Here tab.

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