Mattress Factory fling brings together art, rock


Last Friday the Mattress Factory celebrated another year of cutting edge culture with its 2009 annual Urban Garden Party.

The behind the stage rock concert theme combined catered food, dancing and entertainment with a strong feeling that some of the guests would be leaving to follow the tour bus the next day. In fact, the party was going strong well after last year’s party had ended.

(For a quick video walking through the party, Click Here.)

The theme, “Backstage at a Rock Concert,” was represented by champagne being serviced from a limo parked in front of the Mattress Factory, as well as dancers dressed in the classic rock clothes of the 1960s as well as the present. Dancers with body paint paying homage to the Rolling Stones came out later to help celebrate the fundraising event.

(For more video of the party, Click Here.)

Restaurants and businesses showcased their culinary skills, and Northside staples such as the Monterey Pub and Rita’s Italian Ice were in attendance. Other businesses including the Quiet Storm in Garfield, and “M” Catering came as well.

But the evening’s entertainment might have been energized by the final game of the Penguin’s quest to win the Stanley Cup. Televisions were set up in all possible corners of the famous art gallery, including the basement, and as the game wore on, the crowd’s mood continued to climb with it.

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Jeffrey Inscho, in charge of media and public relations for the Mattress Factory, said that the unique challenge facing the organizers was getting the party to flow smoothly and link in with the theme.The organizers for the event had experience planning concerts, and he said that showed in the party.

"We have so much fun putting it together, from the performers to the decor," Inscho said. "It’s been a blast putting it together."

And the reaction from the guests?

"I think people are really just having fun with the theme," Inscho said. "They are partying like rockstars, but all in the name of helping the Mattress Factory in its mission."

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