Haitian survivor comes to Northside for annual fundraiser


Tonight, a teenage Haitian boy named Tassy Fils-aime will be the guest of honor at The Priory Banquet Hall.

One year ago, Fils-aime was in Haiti with a tumor on his face the size of a tennis ball and cancer that was guaranteed to kill him. In the back of a pick-up truck driving through Port-au-Prince, he met a local Pittsburgher named Ian Rosenberger, who was so struck by his condition that he said yes when Fils-aime asked him for help. 

“It struck me, that somehow this boy had survived the deadliest catastrophe in the history of the Western Hemisphere, that everywhere around us people were dead, that 1.5 million of his friends and countrymen were now homeless, that he himself had survived his own father, but that a smallish, stubborn mound of cells in his cheek were surely going to kill him, because he was born when and where he was,” wrote Rosenberger on the website for Team Tassy, the nonprofit he started soon after returning to Pittsburgh.

Within nine days, Rosenberger raised over $50,000 and got Fils-aime the help he needed, and tonight Tassy Fils-aime will be in the Northside to attend the Second Annual Night for Tassy.  

But this year the event will benefit two different sick children, Nathanial and Ruth, in the poverty and earthquake stricken Haiti. Tonight’s fundraiser will get them the care they need. 

“They don’t have access to the healthcare we do. Many times the parens have to choose between feeding their kids and taking them to the doctor. No one should have to do that,” said Rosenberger about Haiti’s situation.

This is the second year The Priory will host the event, which raised $50,000 dollars last year towards the surgery which took place Allegheny General Hospital. They have already sold 200 tickets to tonight’s event. 

Priory media representative Amber Walker said The Priory “jumped at the opportunity” to host this event because of “how great of a cause it was.”

The Penn State gospel choir will perform at the event, which will also include a silent auction and a dinner by the Priory’s chefs. Tickets are $50.


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