Cardinal Wright wins Boy Scout service award


Cardinal Wright Regional School on Feb. 24 won the Boy Scouts of America’s annual Whitney M. Young Jr. Service Award.

The school participates in several annual community service activities including fundraisers for Chimbote Foundation, the Western Pennsylvania Humane Society and the Salvation Army. It also collects non-perishable goods that are donated to the Little Sisters of the Poor, and participates in the “Walk to Win” event sponsored by Allegheny General Hospital each year to promote wellness.

For the past 22 years, the award has been given to one individual and one organization for outstanding service in development of Scouting for low-income and rural youths. The individual recipient, Police Chief Nathan Harper, is a 34-year veteran of the Pittsburgh Bureau of Police and has been police chief since 2006.

Cardinal Wright Regional School and the Boy Scouts of America did not immediately return a request for comment on the award.

Alan Perry, a Northsider who is very active with Boy Scouts and who received the individual award in 2008 because of his success in producing Eagle Scouts, said the Whitney M. Young Jr. award is giving to people and organizations that carry on Young’s mission in life.

“His legacy is helping the helpless,” Perry said. “The award was named after him and is given to people that deal with those kinds of problems.

 “He has always dedicated his position to giving back to the youth in all the communities.”

Cardinal Wright has made a name for itself in the Northside by being dedicated to not only academic and religious education success but also to the neighborhoods that they live in, Perry said.

Previous notable award winners include Franco Harris, Harvey Adams and The Honorable Judge Livingstone M. Johnson.

Isaac Saul is a sophomore at the University of Pittsburgh and currently interns with The Chronicle.

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