A Northside holiday gift guide


Rag Trade Vintage
RagTrader Vintage
Horse Necklace

Beth Voltz, creator and designer of RagTrader Vintage, specializes in the creation of vintage jewelry.  The collection features rings, necklaces, earrings, and a pair of working compass cufflinks for the gentleman you’re buying for.  “Half the stuff is vintage found items, the rest is vintage reproductions made from the molds,” says Voltz.  A large selection of pocket watch necklaces serve as a perfect gift for a daughter always looking for something unique, and zodiac cameo ring is great for the astrologically conscious.  
“I’ve always liked things that are rusty and old,” Voltz said.
Jewelry prices depend largely upon how elaborate the piece is, however most pieces stay well under the $40 range.  RagTrader Vintage products can be found online at two websites, as well as in a few local Pittsburgh stores.  (by Karin Baker)
Luxx – Southside
PageBoy – Lawerenceville
SoMe – Glenshaw 


Slime Ball ornament

Described as “Slimey creations” on their Etsy website, Northside crafter, Jes Ha Ka brings the slime to Pittsburgh in the classiest of manners.  Were you looking for a pair of teeth earrings to give your little girl this Christmas?  Maybe a set of “slimeballs,” ozzingly cute decorations for a Christmas tree?  
“I’ve been drawing cartoon and stuff like that for a long time,” says Jes LaVecchia, creator and designer for the line.  The show Adventuretime on Cartoon Network is Jes’ current inspiration for the wacky designs that children love.

Cotton Factory
Cotton Factory Iron City T

Humorous t-shirts galore can be found at the Cotton Factory’s website.  The Pittsburgh based printing company has pages of creatively designed and chuckle inducing T-shirts to browse through.  While some can be enjoyed by people from all places, there are others that can only be understood by those native to Pittsburgh.  “The people’s parking authority – yinz respect the chair,” pokes fun at the countless chairs lining the curbs as space savers for that coveted parking space outside your house.
The website also features a line of printed aprons, great for anyone that loves the kitchen.  Don’t expect to find the “Kiss the Cook” apron that you have been dying to get, but absolutely unique and amusing designs such as “Rock lobster.”


The Warhol and Mattress Factory Gift Shops

Another great place for unique, Pittsburgh-centric gifts is at the gift shops of the Northside’s local museums – The Warhol Museum and The Mattress Factory. The Warhol is full of iconic Warhol images imprinted onto everyday items like bags and coasters. Plus the Warhol gift shop has a great book selection. The Mattress Factory’s gift shop also stocks artsy, fun accessories, house wares and Mattress Factory T-shirts. Family memberships are always a great gift as well!


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