March 31, 2011 weekly report


This weekly round-up includes information from City Council, Historic Review Commission, Planning Commission and Urban Redevelopment Authority agendas, zoning board hearings, demolition bids, and housing court schedules as it relates to the Northside. Information is compiled from various websites and sources by the Northside Leadership Conference. For questions regarding this information, please contact the specific commission or office.

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(Updated as of Thursday, March 31, 2011)

City Council
4/4/2011 – Not posted as of yet

Historic Review Commission
4/6/2011 – Not posted as of yet

Planning Commission
4/5/2011 – Not posted as of yet

URA Board
4/14/2011 – Not posted as of yet Zoning

Board of Adjustment
Date of Hearing: 4/7/11
Time of Hearing: 9:30 a.m.
Zone Case 56 of 2011 2840 California Ave
ZoningDistrict: RM-M Ward: 27th Council District: 1, Council President Darlene Harris
Neighborhood: Brighton Heights Spanish Bay, LLC – Owner Spanish Bay, LLC – Applicant Use of 2 Story 2 Family Dwelling (Up & Down Duplex)
Variance: 903.03.C.2 Minimum lot size per unit 1,800 sq ft required and a total of 2,310 requested. Variance: 914.02.A Existing single family; an additional one parking space is required to make it a 2 unit, and zero is requested

Date of Hearing: 4/14/11
Posted and nothing to report

Demolition Bids
Bids opening on 3/31/2011
25th Ward:
106 Jacksonia Street
108 Jacksonia Street
5 Overlook Street
9-11 Overlook Street

26th Ward:
310 Bothwell Street
3616 Granada Street
2450 Perrysville Avenue
4015 Vinceton Street
4026 Vinceton Street

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