Warhol releases new pop art app


finished_art_on_iphone_120dpi1Andy Warhol’s silkscreens are being translated onto iPhone screens this month with the new Warhol DIY Pop App.

Yesterday The Andy Warhol Museum in collaboration with Carnegie Mellon University Professional Software Engineering Program released a new iPhone app that puts the hands-on process of silk screening at users’ fingertips.

“I feel Warhol would have embraced and celebrated this technology. He often said he wanted to be a machine. In a 1960’s interview, Warhol was asked how he would meet the challenge of automation, and he replied, ‘By becoming part of it,’” said Tresa Varner, curator of education and interpretation.

Users can buy the app for 99 cents in the App Store and crop, expose, paint, and pull the virtual screen to make pop art from the pictures on their phones.

“Since the museum opened 17 years ago, visitors have had the opportunity to create actual silkscreen prints in the style of Warhol in the museum’s Weekend Factory. What is so exciting about this app is that now anyone, anywhere can join in on the fun,” said Varner.

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