Troy Hill takes first step in park renovation


The Troy Hill Citizens, Inc. (THC) received a Love Your Block (LYB) grant as part of the seventh round of the grant program, Mayor Bill Peduto announced in a press release Monday, Aug. 11.

The THC is one of 14 organizations that will receive $1,000 from the city to purchase supplies and tools for a block improvement project.

“I am happy to announce that Love Your Block is once again uniting neighbors, community members and volunteers to improve their neighborhoods by turning blighted properties into usable green space,” Peduto said in the release. “These projects exhibit the sense of pride and spirit of volunteerism that are regularly demonstrated by so many citizens that live in the unique neighborhoods of Pittsburgh.”

THC announced that the grant will be used to landscape and create a children’s play area at the THC Park along Claim and Hatteras Streets.

In addition to the initial grant, a special $2,000 prize will be given to the organization that carries out the most successful project. Project implementation will start Aug. 31 and end Oct. 31. Organizations will be judged according to specific criteria.

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