The Northside Community Census team wants to hear from residents across the Northside about their vision for the future of the Northside, and what they need in their homes and neighborhoods today. Information gathered by the Census team will guide the work of local community organizations and help the Buhl Foundation decide how to make a $50 million, multi-generational investment in Northside communities. The Northside Community Census is supported by the Buhl Foundation and is part of the Northside Conversation initiative, an open community process where residents, community leaders,nonprofits, neighborhood organizations and businesses build a shared vision for a better Northside.

The Community Census team hopes that residents from all eighteen neighborhoods will participate. Residents can sign up today at or by leaving a message at 412-515-0989. Participants will answer questions about neighborhood needs, employment, schools and youth, parks and recreation, safety, and other important community issues. It’s quick and easy, but this information can only come from listening to what residents have to say.

Look for the Northside Community census team at any of the neighborhood events listed below or find them as they go door to door talking to Northsiders. The team includes thirteen Northside residents, Catherine Conley, Corey Carrington, Danielle Pipkin, Ginger Underwood-Herring, Jessica Ralph, Lauren Stauffer, Lisa Freeman, Maria Searcy, Neashia Johnson, Roosevelt Dalton, Sheila Collins, Todd Taylor, and Vincent Salvino. Residents and local organizations can help encourage their neighbors to participate and make their community Priorities known. Contact to volunteer, to display a poster, or to invite a census team member to attend a meeting of your community group or congregation.

Come to any of the below events to participate in the census or learn more from a census team member:

Saturday, June 28th from 11a-5p at the California Markets, 3629 California Ave. PGH PA

Sunday, June 29th from 11a-3pm at Wigle Whisky, 1055 Spring Garden Ave. PGH PA

Sunday, June 29th in Spring Hill at the On The Wall Ministries Community Day at 128 Rhine Street Parking Lot Spring Hill Pittsburgh 15212, Three Rivers Housing Complex

With more events to come in other neighborhoods, so be on the lookout for us!

  • Nob Roll

    No one from the foundation showed up at the farmer’s market as advertised last Friday and the listed website in this article is not up and running but “under construction.” I did not receive a return phone call when I called the number listed. This is not upsetting however as I am hoping that the foundation will be self directed. I hope they will not be getting bombarded from non profits and government workers with their pet projects. I hope they will follow the lead of successful free thinking people who live here and get things done like Bob Baumbach and Al DePasquale. All these forums and surveys put too many dogs in the fight for a piece of the pie. It’s design by committee and it NEVER works. My hope is that Buhl will make their own decisions and do something DIRECTED and SPECTACULAR rather than accommodating the loud voices of the crowd looking to feather their pet projects. IBM credited the success of their business to “letting their people go to work with their typewriters” We need to do the same with Buhl. They are big boys, lets get out of their way and let them do their work.