Pittsburgh 21ST WARD

Maureen Neary to Faulsey Flats LLC at 1203 W. North Ave. for $2,000,000.

Pittsburgh 22ND WARD

Jaclyn Belczyk to Daniel and Lara Croce at 1108 Loraine St. for $70,500.

Pittsburgh 24TH WARD

Christine Lynne LLC to RPL Holdings LLC at 1376 Herman St. for $215,000.
Wilma Jean Ptomey to Uri Jacobowitz at 1218 Itin St. for $5,300 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $58,650) by sheriff’s deed.

Pittsburgh 25TH WARD

Michael Kuentz to Charles Dagnal and Margaret Barnes at 409 Armandale St. for $315,000.
Anthony Harris et al. to PPREF A LLC at 253 E. Jefferson St. for $45,000.
Thomas Tarasovich to Graeme Rock at 1716 Meadville St. for $85,691.
Boris Tafkov to Adam Fontana at 1707 Warren St. for $117,000.

Pittsburgh 26TH WARD

Estate of Dean Osterritter to US Bank NA trustee at 8 Beckfield St. for $3,052 by sheriff’s deed.
Ocwen Loan Servicing LLC to Observatory Hill Development Corp. at 4 Bonvue St. for $33,784.
Estate of John Klebanski to Christiana Trust trustee at 3322 Delaware St. for $3,249 by sheriff’s deed.
Nancy Noszka to Rabia Hassan and El Haj Benali at 254 E. Burgess St. for $10,000.
Mary Ann Hanning to Brittne Lawson at 2328 Gershon St. for $7,000.
Thomas Jacoby to OGR Realty 3 L.P. at 2637 Norwood Ave. for $40,000.
Joseph Ullman to Devon McClelland at 3220 Spring Garden Road for $38,000.

Pittsburgh 27TH WARD

Barbara Weiss to David Weems at 3548 Brighton Road for $10,000.
Greg Manganas to Monica Dugaro Lezama at 4021 California Ave. for $170,000.
Jessica Sadler et al. to Barrett Stephens at 5 Courtright St. for $2,000.
Joseph Costantino to Michael Snyder and Holly Thompson at 3038 Frederick St. for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $37,490).
Estate of Janet Gralish to Alyssa Landa and Jacob Quast at 3544 Gerber Ave. for $129,900.
Joseph Kroll to Michael Dapcevich and Deneane Cruse at 102 Harbison Place for $155,500.
Jessica Sadler et al. to Barrett Stephens at 1129 Palen Way for $2,000.
Stacy Bridges to Carlin Joy Christy at 1811 Viruth St. for $123,000.
Michael Ferris to Mark and Elizabeth Jeffries at 1819 Viruth St. for $145,000.
Richard Graf to Joseph Schachner at 3017 Wadlow St. for $10,000.
Casey Wagner to Lauren Vitellaro and Robert Frew at 3604 Wealth St. for $245,000.
Estate of John Wagner Jr. to Jason Barbour and Dianne Roberts at 1428 Woodland Ave. for $98,000.