The Outside

Featured Businesses in Downtown and Surrounding Areas


t: 412.359.8951
AGH Suburban, 100 South Jackson Ave . Pittsburgh, PA 15202
Integrative Medicine is the integration of conventional medicine along with complementary and alternative medicine or traditional whole body systems of healing. Same-day appointments available, see a provider today!


t: 1-844-GOGATEWAY
Four Gateway Center, 444 Liberty Avenue, Suite 2100, Pittsburgh, PA 15222
Gateway Health is a nationally ranked managed care organization that focuses on providing the best possible healthcare to a growing number of Medicaid and Medicare Advantage consumers.


There are two sides to Pittsburgh:
The Northside and the Outside.

As the Northside Oldtimer’s saying goes, here are some areas we venture to deliver Northside news that readers will not find anywhere else.


Pittsburgh Mayor Peduto’s Office Councilwoman Darlene Harris’ Office Heinz 57 Building, Port Authority